Kotlin for Android O Development: From Beginner to Advanced

In our complete course you will learn how to build an Android application from scratch!

You are going to begin in the start by downloading Android Studio and Java JDK. When you have those installed, you will learn by building real applications like Foursquare & Instagram Clones! We teach you step by step and should you ever have any questions, all you've got to do is post in our course discussion to receive support from Joe or Atil! Not will you learn with more than 15 hours of HD video, however you'll also learn about designing your software. This and all of the others will provide your software a professional touch and separate your app! In addition, we show you step by step how to submit your program to the Google Play Store!

By the time you are finished with our complete course, you will be able to create almost any kind of application that you want in Android! 

You will learn useful skills about Subjects below:

  • Kotlin Basics
  • Layout
  • Design with Sketch
  • Essentials of Kotlin
  • Table Views
  • SQLite
  • Parse
  • Firebase
  • APIs
  • Working with Servers
  • AWS Server Setup
  • Social Media & Networks

Content and Overview :

You will also learn related subjects and training them by building applications like "Art Book","Catch The Kenny Game","Real Time Currency Converter","Instagram Clone","Travel Map","Foursquare Clone" and much more… you'll also learn both Firebase & Parse in this program, whereas most online manuals only instruct you !

I will share the source code of applications that we create throughout the program. That means you'll have the ability to compare the goods when you compose your software!

With the ideal mindset, understanding, and application of those teachings in this program, you will start learning how to be a Android Developer!

While I learn something new I add it -! This is a path that'll continue to add more and more to each element of your daily life.

In addition to the Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee, you have my personal guarantee you will enjoy what you learn in this course.

Thank You for visiting us and Hurry Up to grab this for free.

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